Terms & Conditions

Subbacultcha members should conform to the following Terms & Conditions.

Membership pass

  • You will receive a fresh membership pass every month, which is valid only in the month stated on the pass.
  • The minimum period for a Subbacultcha membership is 3 full calendar months.
  • We only send you the Subbacultcha pass once a month so do not lose it.
  • Our goal is to have the pass delivered to your house before the first show of the month.

In the event that you have not received your pass in time for the first show of the month, please let us know immediately by sending an email to memberships@subbacultcha.be because without a valid pass you cannot attend our events for free.


  • Please note that your membership pass only grants you free entrance. It does not put you first in line, nor does it guarantee you entrance when a concert is sold out or when a venue is full.
  • As a member, it is not possible to make a reservation for a show, unless it’s specifically mentioned on our website with the event. As a general rule, you just show up on time and bring your membership pass + ID.
  • If you don’t have your membership card with you, even if you are a member, you will not get in for free.
  • In case there is a pre-sale: only a limited number of tickets are sold in presale. We always reserve plenty of tickets for Subbacultcha members at the door.

Sold-out show policy

98% of our shows do not sell out. However, a couple of times a year, certain shows do sell out more quickly than expected. In these cases, the policy is first come, first served. Once the venue is full, you will not get in, even if you are a member. Nevertheless, we would like to stress that each year, members can attend close to 100 shows, and the two or three shows a year that you might not be able to get in are truly a rare exception.


  • The cost of the membership is €8.
  • €8 will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account around the first of every month. This will make you a Subbacultcha member from the first to the last day of that month.
  • Payment is only possible by direct debit (automatic withdrawal) from a SEPA-country bank account, to which you agreed by filling out the sign-up form.
  • If your bank refuses the automatic withdrawal, we will contact you about the failed payment. We will try and withdraw two payments at once in the following month. If payment fails two consecutive times, we will put your membership on hold. Further measures will be taken if you fail to transfer the overdue payment to us within two weeks of notification.
  • Subbacultcha cannot be held responsible in the event that you subscribe with someone else’s IBAN. If you fill out an IBAN without the account owner knowing about it and/or approving of it, Subbacultcha will pass your details on to the concerning bank.

Membership cancellation

  • The minimum period for a Subbacultcha membership is three full calendar months.
  • After the minimum period, your membership will automatically be renewed every month.
  • If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time following the initial three months by sending an email to:cancellations@subbacultcha.be.
  • The cancellation deadline for the following month is on the 22nd of the current month (this is in order to avoid the risk of your cancellation and our shipment crossing each other). If you cancel after the 22nd, we will process your membership for the following month; that means, we will send you the membership envelope and we will withdraw the membership costs from your account.
  • If you cancel your membership before the 22nd, you will continue to be a member until the end of the month.
  • Subbacultcha does not refund money.

First month policy

Things are a bit different for the first month of your membership.

  • It takes two working days for a sign up request to be processed. For example: If you subscribe before midnight of Monday the 6th, your membership will be valid from Wednesday the 8th on. If you subscribe before midnight of Friday the 10th, your membership will be valid from Tuesday the 14th.
  • Your membership starts with receiving your membership card. In the event that bpost is unable to deliver you the pass in time for a certain show (taking in account the initial two day processing period), we will do our best to get you a spot on the guest list for that specific show. You can request your spot so by sending an email at least 24 hours before the event to: memberships@subbacultcha.be.
  • If you sign up somewhere in the middle of a month, the payment of your membership starts from next month on. In other words, your membership is free for the remaining days of the month in which you subscribed.
  • Note that we process payments around the 1st of every month. However, due to holidays or weekends the direct debit is sometimes processed later. If you subscribed after the 1st of that month, but before we processed the direct debit, we will process your payment for that month.

Canvas bag and giveaways

  • Your canvas bag will be sent to you in the next mass mailing, which we send out at the end of every month. It might be the case we are out of canvas bags at the moment you subscribe. If so, it will be sent to you as soon as we restock.
  • You will be notified in the event that you win a member giveaway along with your subscription. If it fits in your mailbox, we will mail it to you as soon as possible. If it is too big, you can pick it up at our office (Dendermondsesteenweg 80A, 9000 Ghent). It is also possible for us to ship your gift; however, depending on the size, weight and distance, we will charge shipment costs.
  • If you re-subscribe within six months since the initial cancellation date, you will not receive a new Subbacultcha bag. Moreover, if you have previously won a new member giveaway, you are not eligible to win again upon resubscribing.


Membership-related issues: memberships@subbacultcha.be.
Cancellation requests: cancellations@subbacultcha.be.

Privacy Policy

Subbacultcha is serious about protecting your privacy. Read our full privacy policy here.