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Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions are a contract between you and VZW We Promised ("Subbacultcha Belgium" or "we") and govern your access to and use of any Subbacultcha Belgium website or content. 


Terms of use
a) Acceptance of Terms: By attending and/or using the site and/or events, or clicking any button to indicate your consent, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms, just as if you had agreed to these Terms in writing. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not use the Subbacultcha Belgium site or attend our events.

b) Amendment of Terms: Subbacultcha Belgium may amend the Terms when necessary. Amendments will be effective upon posting of the updated Terms. Your continued access to events and/or use of the site after such posting constitutes your consent to be bound by the Terms, as amended.

c) Additional Terms: In addition to these Terms, certain offers, services or features may also be subject to additional terms, conditions, guidelines or rules which may be posted or communicated by Subbacultcha Belgium or applicable partners at any time.


Subbacultcha Belgium membership
a) General: Subbacultcha Belgium is a subscription based service which provides free access to their own events and selected events organised by their partners. Terms and age restrictions of partner organisations and venues apply. Members are able to generate a membership card for each individual event on the Subbacultcha agenda they would like to attend via their personal and active account on the mobile version of the Subbacultcha Belgium website. Membership cards are available to be generated from 8AM on the day of the event until the end of the event. If you experience any technical issues with your Subbacultcha Belgium account or membership card, please let us know immediately by sending an email to

b) Membership start: Your membership starts once you have completed the full signup flow of the Subbacultcha Belgium website, including validating your membership and email through the confirmation link you receive via the email address you provided within 10 minutes after subscribing. Without confirmation through the confirmation link provided, your membership is not completed.

c) Membership card: A valid Subbacultcha Belgium membership card includes: full name of the membership holder, a recognizable photo of the membership holder, current status of the membership, date and time of when the membership card was generated, the name of the event for which the membership card is intended, an event related visual, the venue of the event, the date and starting time of the event, and the Subbacultcha Belgium animated logo. Membership cards are generated via a personal and active account on the mobile version of the Subbacultcha Belgium website. Generating a membership card requires an active internet connection. The generated membership card loads in a separate browser window which remains functional and valid without an active internet connection.

d) Admittance: Members are required to show a form of identification upon request at the entrance of events or venues. Without a valid membership card, members cannot attend events. Confirmation emails or other communication sent by Subbacultcha Belgium do not grant access. A Subbacultcha Belgium membership card only grants the specific member free entrance. It does not put members first in line, nor does it guarantee them entrance when a concert is sold out or when a venue is full. Members don’t have the possibility to make reservations for a show, unless it’s specifically mentioned on the Subbacultcha Belgium website with an event. As a general rule, members need to arrive on time and show their membership card for the event + ID. Events or venues may apply additional restrictions on the attendees (for example minimum age), admission to the venue is solely determined by the organiser and Subbacultcha is not responsible if a member is not admitted (for example, because the member is a minor).

e) Sold out / cancelled shows: 98% of events promoted by Subbacultcha Belgium do not sell out. However, a couple of times a year, certain partner shows do sell out more quickly than expected. In these cases the policy is first come, first serve. Once the venue is full, Subbacultcha members will not get in, even if they have a valid membership. Nonetheless, we would like to stress that members can attend close to 100 shows each year, not being able to get in is truly a rare exception. All Subbacultcha Belgium partners reserve tickets for Subbacultcha members at the door, only a limited number of tickets are sold in presale. Subbacultcha Belgium is not responsible for the cancellation of events by partners, venues or artists. Furthermore, if a cancelled event / artist is rescheduled / rebooked, Subbacultcha Belgium cannot guarantee that the new event will also be part of the free for members agenda.


Fees, billing, minimum duration, cancellation
a) Recurring billing: By initiating a Subbacultcha Belgium membership you authorize us to charge you for your initial subscription period of 3 or 12 months and a recurring monthly subscription fee at the then current rate, which may change, if applicable to the subscription option you choose. Note that even if you do not use the subscription or access the events, you will be responsible for subscription fees until you cancel your subscription, or it is otherwise terminated.

b) Subscription cycle and fees: When you sign up and purchase a Subbacultcha Belgium membership you will be billed immediately. The price of a Subbacultcha Belgium membership depends on the type of subscription that is selected by the member and is subjective to changes. There are 3 different subscription types. Digital Only subscription: €8 / month after a €24 activation payment upon subscription covering the first 3 mandatory months of the membership. Monthly payments start on the 4th month of a Digital Only membership. Standard subscription: €9 / month after a €27 activation payment upon subscription covering the first 3 mandatory months of the membership. Monthly payments start on the 4th month of a Standard membership. Devoted Member subscription: €99 / year, single activation payment upon subscription. We reserve the right to adjust pricing at any time. Unless we communicate otherwise, any price changes to your subscription will take effect on your next billing cycle upon notice communicated through the Subbacultcha Belgium website, social media or email. If you do not cancel your subscription, you will be deemed to have accepted these new fees.

c) Payment: Subbacultcha Belgium payments are processed via Mollie. Each payment is subject to the terms and conditions of Mollie. Available payment methods are: Bancontact, iDEAL or debit card. The membership fee will be automatically withdrawn via your selected payment method via the payment schedule corresponding to your selected subscription. Changing the payment method linked to an active membership is not possible. If you want to use another payment method, you’ll have to cancel your current membership and resubscribe. Subbacultcha Belgium cannot be held responsible if you start a membership with someone else’s payment information without them knowing. If a payment is not successful due to expiration, insufficient funds or otherwise, you will remain responsible for any uncollected fees and authorize us to continue billing the payment method you have provided. Subbacultcha Belgium does not refund money.

d) Minimum duration: The minimum duration for the Digital Only and Standard subscription options is 3 full calendar months. The minimum duration for a Devoted Member subscription is 12 months. Digital Only and Standard subscriptions renew automatically each month on the same date, corresponding to the start date of a membership or the date when the first payment of a membership was approved. Devoted Member subscriptions renew automatically to a Standard subscription after 12 months.

e) Cancellation: Members may cancel their subscription at any time before their subscription renews via the settings of their Subbacultcha Belgium account. Following a cancellation the member will continue to have access to their subscription through the end of their current paid subscription cycle. No refunds are made in the event of early termination.

f) Promotions: Promo and discount codes are granted after the minimum duration of your membership has passed. For example; a ‘Get 1 month free if you join now’ deal will be granted in the 4th month of a Digital Only or Standard subscription or in the 13th month of a Devoted Member subscription. Standard and Devoted Member subscriptions give the member right to a Subbacultcha Belgium tote bag upon subscription. Tote bags are sent out within 2 working days after a subscription. In case there is no available stock when you subscribe, you’ll be put on a list and will receive your tote bag with the next mass mailing after restocking.


Your privacy is important to Subbacultcha Belgium. The Subbacultcha Belgium privacy policy is hereby incorporated into these Terms by reference. Please read the privacy policy carefully for information relating to Subbacultcha Belgium’s collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information. You can consult the privacy policy here.


Subbacultcha is a brand owned by Subbacultcha V.O.F.. Subbacultcha Belgium is operated by VZW We Promised.


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