#subbafam deal

What’s more fun than going to a Subbacultcha event? Exactly: going to a Subbacultcha event with your squad. Convince one (or more ?) of your friends to join you as a member and we’ll give you each a month of your membership for free. Done and dusted? Send us the details via the form below once everyone is signed up. Let the Subbacultcha dates begin!

Some rules: 1) You need to be a member yourself before you can start inviting friends. 2) If you’re a group of friends, please agree on who’s inviting who as each of you can only be invited once. 3) Please only fill in this form once if you’re a duo. You’re both getting a free month, inviting each other is not possible. 4) This offer cannot be combined with other promotions (First month free, Christmas gifts, …)

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