Zaltan & Orpheu the Wizard

20 April - C12, Brussels
23.00 - TBA - free for members before 1 am

Paris-based Zaltan is ever-ready to drench the crowd in his wholesome, glowing sets, as if he’s soothing everyone in a warm bath after a long and rainy day. And in the unlikely case it didn’t rain, a warm bath is nice anyway. As the head of the Antinote label, he’s already brought forth some of the most promising electronic music acts out there. The signature sound of this label remains somewhat ungraspable, but good quality seems to be the key concept linking everything together. This is reflected in Zaltan’s eclectic selections. He’ll be joined by Amsterdam’s own little wonder, Orpheu the Wizard. Whenever you stumble upon a hidden gem that makes you feel like a true archeologist, be aware that the Red Light Radio co-founder has probably played that track several times before and will have already moved on to your yet-to-be-found gem. After all, he’s called the wizard for a reason.