Young and Beautiful + Yours Truly

18 January - Cinematek, Brussels
20:00 - €4 - Free for members

In Young and Beautiful, Poti, Nais, Ione and Das are four youngsters who have chosen to live by their own rules. But society forces them to leave their ‘selfish’ aspirations behind, so they must rethink their identities through dialogue. This is the starting point of an intimate talk between them and Marina, filmmaker and friend. With her sympathetic camera, she grasps the most insightful and fragile moments of their everyday lives – dancing, waking up together, talking a walk in a beloved setting, crying or laughing as they seek out complicity to preserve their integrity. Yours Truly follows the trail of taxidermic pieces collected during the 19th and 20th centuries by The Manchester Museum. Come! There’s a drink at the end 😉

This screening is part of the
Punto de Vista festival focus
at Cinematek in January.