Two years Basic Moves

2 February - C12 (Basic Moves), Brussels
23:00 - €10 free for members before 1AM - Free for members

ft. Orphan Swords live + Pjay + Francis99 + Deg & Walrus

Whoever said hip hop and electronic music aren’t a good match needs to visit C11 in Brussels some time. The up-and-coming rapper and producer Pjay, acclaimed for his electrical rhymes and fiery shows, will be doing a live set, featuring a groovy dance set by Francis99 and Deg & Walrus later in the evening. Deg is a renowned music fan and incredible record collector, continuously fixated on the true core of dance music: synth, wave music, jazz, funk and disco. You’d better get ready to break out some expert moves on the dancefloor with these bonafide Fuse residents.