ssaliva ‘Unshielded’ release party

16 March - Het Bos (Slagwerk), Antwerp
22.00 - Free for members before 12 PM

Unshielded is the latest work of Belgian producer ssaliva, who released a free single for Slagwerk’s Hauntology Of the Body series last year. The EP, which marks the birth of Slagwerk as a label, will be released March 16th, in both digital and physical forms. The printed usb-card, designed by Pietro Agostoni, comes with a HD videoclip from the amazing Sybil Montet as well as several exclusive bonus tracks. Veteran Subba members will be familiar with him, a prolific sound trailblazer who’s releasing his new music in company of friends and family.

RP GM KRC live | ( 🇬🇧 – 0comeups & ssaliva )
Malibu | ( 🇫🇷 – United In Flames )
Ausschuss | ( 🇩🇪- Haunter records )
Liyo | ( 🇧🇪- Heartbroken )
nevrland | ( 🇧🇪- Heartbroken )
Slagwerk DJ’s | ( 🇧🇪)