SAME SAME NIGHT II curated by Nkisi

28 February - Vooruit, Ghent
20:00 - Free for all - Free for members

Unfortunately Angel-Ho was denied a visa and is therefore unable to perform at this event. Vooruit is looking to reschedule his set. The concerts of Cold War (Nkisi & John T. Gast) / Zuli / Laryssa Kim are taking place as foreseen. The night is now free for all.

Nkisi is prepping an evening at Vooruit, and we can tell you that music geek John T. Gast is on the guestlist. The brilliant English producer continues to create a realm of mystery around himself; his precise identity remains unclear today. On stage, his soundscapes manage to put you in parallel worlds and sensations. Also called up to join, is Angel-Ho, known for being one of the founders of Non Worldwide, alongside Chino Amobi and Nkisi. The South African queer artist expresses through his music his fight against the post-colonial legacy and gender stereotype of his country. Fans of FAKA will definitely love this!