Onmens + Uniform

20 April - Kolonie, Ghent
20.00 - €11 - Free for members

Onmens freely translates as ‘Unhuman’; neither resembling nor having the qualities of a human being. This might explain why it’s not hard to imagine their music being played at a hot and grimy rave somewhere in Mordor, back in the days. Belgium’s self-proclaimed most explicit electronic music group takes their influences from hardcore and noise, to punk and back again, seeking to ‘keep you dancing immersed in a trancelike state while blood gushes from both ear-holes’ – aggressive rave music at its best. Although heavily reliant on the personal, human experience that transcends politics, the sound of the NYC-based duo Uniform could easily be interpreted as the post-Trump rage wave we’re all riding on. Uniform’s latest album, Wake In Fright, on Sacred Bones is evidence of how the duo have been pushing themselves to be as loud, intense and overwhelming as possible.