Moaning + Cloud Garden

27 April - La Zone (PopKatari), Liège
20.00 - €10 - Free for members

Moaning consists of three long-time friends who have been a part of the LA DIY scene for over a decade now. After playing together in different bands since high school, they formed Moaning back in 2015. At the beginning of this year, the trio released their self-titled debut album on Sub Pop, who signed them immediately after seeing them play at SxSW. The album illustrates how the band took their former experimentations and influences – such as No Age and Abe Vigoda – and merged it into a more polished, mature and distinct sound. Moaning’s roots in the LA post-punk scene is reflected in the raw and energetic songs, which often sound like a gloomy basement packed with people, but with an excellent air-conditioning system that keeps everything surprisingly fresh.