The Transcendence Orchestra + Razen

9 September - Friedenskirche (Meakusma), Eupen
13:00 - €10 - Free for members

If three full days seem somewhat too much, there’s always side-programmes to attend during Meakusma Festival. One of the many performances bound to transcend space and time will be – what’s in a name? – The Transcendence Orchestra. On the aptly-named double LP Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals, Anthony Child and Dan Bean’s drone-led project melts acoustic and synthetic timbers together, evoking a modern age esoteric ceremonial. The Brussels-based Razen, themselves keen on comforting purrs of all kinds, expanded their original duo formation (Brech Ameel & Kim Delcour) to a party of five, featuring Pieter Lenaerts (five-string double bass, sarangi), Paul Garriau (hurdy-gurdy) and David Poltrock (ondes Marthenot).