21 October - Garage Noord, Amsterdam
22:00 - €8 - Free for members

L.A.N. (Local Area Network) is geared towards revealing the intricacy and range of local (underground) music scenes. The campaign, initiated by Subbacultcha, aspires to map out this network, and to encourage the discovery, support and range of its contagious energy. With several Dutch L.A.N. parties, workshops and publications in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to aim our L.A.N. scope on the artistic independence of our Southern neighbors once again. Hold your horses, since this ADE we’re teaming up with De Brakke Grond and Garage Noord to throw a L.A.N. party, showcasing the nodes and key artists of the collectives from the local network of Brussels: HE4RTBROKEN.

Since no L.A.N. will pass by without laughing, crying and uncontrollable dancing, we’ve invited Subbacultcha Belgium friend Liyo Gong. DJ, professional tear dryer and founder of HE4RTBROKEN – a progressive club night in Brussels. The music of Liyo and HE4RTBROKEN is no gimmick, solely submerged in sad aesthetic, but truly display how club music can be emotive and have deep personal meaning. For another, Ssaliva will present his ascending and haunting electronic passages, taking influence from ambient as well as trance music. More acts to be announced!


Ssaliva (Collapsing Market, Ekster, Slagwerk)