Jozef van Wissem

13 June - Le Vecteur, Charleroi
19.00 - €7 - Free for members

Set in heavy and hypnotic darkness, Jozef van Wissem’s compositions take you on a mysterious voyage. With a minimalistic approach, the Brooklyn-based musician lures your mind away while playing his lute with blissful passion and precision. Besides his enchanting solo work he’s collaborated with figures such as Jim Jarmusch, releasing several works on Sacred Bones and Important Records. Back in 2013 Van Wissem won the Cannes Soundtrack Award, after soundtracking arguably the coolest vampire couple out there with his hypnotic atmospheres in Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive. Apparently Bella and Edward are still trying to get a hold of him. Oh, and let’s not forget about his contribution to the Sims. He does it all!