Shifted + Baby Ford

15 September - C12, Brussels
23:00 - €10 - Free for members until 1 AM

That’s it, summer is coming to an end, and we have to confess that this is not always pleasant. Back to work, increasingly shorter days, increasingly busy agendas… Your moments of beach and relaxation seem to be far away. It sucks, we know, that’s why the C12 gang has prepared a night and lineup that will transport you elsewhere for a while. It starts with Shifted, the Berlin-based musician and producer Guy Brewer. The rebel UK artist has successfully managed to develop his own distinctive voice while constantly evolving the techno genre. Also on the lineup is Baby Ford, aka Peter Ford, who makes experimental, minimal techno and is one of the founders of the UK acid house scene. A truly genius of British quality electronic music, a cult figure for the underground of the ’90s.