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Where art, music and technology have never been so intimately linked

Once again, we present five highly talented artists who will be performing at IMAL's new IF festival. Following its spirit, the festival offers a diverse program mixing art and technology while adding a new club dynamic that allows the party to last even longer. As you’ll see, the curatorship is great, but the atmosphere becomes even more special when you are part of it.

Text written by Bruna Martins

Puce Mary - Thursday 21.04

Puce Mary is a Danish artist who belongs to Copenhagen's underground music scene. Besides having played with different groups, she has also participated in experimental music residencies and became a reference in this field. Her musical productions have been described as ‘power electronics’ or ‘noise music’ and, in a subtle way, can lead to a slightly spooky environment. The artist is one of the names featured at the new IF festival at IMAL and her performances clearly does not let us down.


Line Katcho - Friday 22.04

Line Katcho is an audiovisual artist and composer based in Montreal. The artist's work is a mixture of several things. From experimental musical productions mixing different genres and techniques, to the visual creations that come with it. Line is an artist attentive to detail and has already performed in important contemporary music festivals, winning her first prize in 2014 at the electroacoustic contest Jeux de Temps/TimesPlay.


NSDOS - Saturday 23-04

NSDOS's productions came from the need of exploring movement. The French artist brought together elements such as music, dance and technology to create something concrete out of the abstract. He reinterprets sounds from the most diverse sources and movements, including those of nature and urban life turning them into something particular and unique. NSDOS matches perfectly with the festival's approach and his performance is not to be missed. 


Umwelt - Saturday 23-04

If we are being bold enough, we can call Umwelt both an old school and an up-to-date reference. The music producer was part of the French rave scene in the early 90s and remains active in this scene to this day. Based in Lyon, the artist has released several productions under his name and preserves a taste for vinyl, which becomes obvious when you check his Instagram pictures. Today Umwelt continues his journey through music transporting listeners into a world of his own.


Pye Corner Audio - Saturday 23-04

Pye Corner Audio is a music project developed by the English musician Martin Jenkins. Listening to his musical productions is almost like being immersed in a dystopian cinematic reality. Not surprisingly, the project is part of the soundtrack of some audiovisual productions on television and streaming platforms. It has also hit festival stages in Europe and other countries. If you haven't experienced a cinematic sci-fi musical immersion during a live performance yet, this might be the right time to do so. 

The 4-day festival IF takes place from 21-24 April 2022
Brussels, iMAL

Day 2 (22/04) is free for Subbacultcha members
Day 3 (23/04) is free for Subbacultcha members

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