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Video Bar: 'Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM' by Emmanuel Van der Auwera

Founded in 1989 in Brussels, ARGOS is an institution and resource for the production and advancement of critical audiovisual arts, as well as for its distribution, conservation and restoration. Video Bar is a brand-new monthly screening format in which we introduce new and old work from our collection. Through a conversational format that emphasises the collective viewing experience of artist film and video, we facilitate novel exchanges about the selected works, be it engaged, personal, and/or informed, while linking them to current developments in contemporary audiovisual arts.

Text by Sofie Ruysseveldt, Laurence Alary, Niels Van Tomme and Andrea Cinel

The first Video Bar screening presents Belgian artist Emmanuel Van der Auwera’s Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM (2019), a video that uses novel imaging technologies to explore the use of avatars, identity politics and recent internet trends dealing with YouTube celebrities and suicide memes. The video looks strange and peculiar, like a synthetic version of a video diary, and presents an irresistible viewing experience, as it unpacks a new world of images.

Through his work, Van Der Auwera unravels the simulation and framing of messages, exploring conceptual and formal filters in the production and dissemination of images. Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM was developed following a residency at the Brain and Emotion Laboratory (University of Maastricht), the institute’s focus on the neuroscience of intersensory perception clearly informing the clinical image world presented in the work. Additionally, Van der Auwera, who currently has solo exhibitions at Botanique and Harlan Levey Projects, is also participating in the group exhibition Open Skies at WIELS, and will introduce work from the ARGOS collection that inspired him.

Video Bar: Wake Me Up at 4:20 AM
by Emmanuel Van der Auwera

ARGOS, Brussels
6 Nov - €2 incl. first drink
free for members