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Unplugged - Nov/Dec 2021

In the virtual world, everything is amplified. Online, we are faced with so much more: more culture, more community, more choices. It is easy to have the world at our fingertips, louder, stronger, and somehow closer than ever before. But might this simplicity be too good to be true? Now we face the side effects of a virtual life: digital fatigue. And the doctor’s orders? Unplug. Unplug your headphones, go to a concert. Turn off your TV, go to the theatre. Put down your tablet, pick up a book. 

But unplugging doesn’t end with in-person events and a lifted mask mandate. You know that. Because although you now go out to eat in a restaurant, and feel the air on your face, you feel held back, somehow still plugged into your former digital life. There is no manual on how to proceed, but isn’t that exciting! Now we have a chance to start anew, find new ways to communicate and connect with others by combining our refined technological understandings with necessary physical interaction. And maybe, adopting an acoustic mentality is just what we need to get started. 

Your editor-in-chief, Herlinde

words by Dlisah Lapidus
Thank you Astrid, Dlisah, Julien, Jonas, Kasper-Jan, Victor, Jente, Lisa, Miguel, Michiel, Megan, Paola, Anna, Seppe, Oshni, Eden, Alexandra, Tomas, Manon & Pascal


Front cover: Vicor De Roo shot by Jente Waerzeggers

Editor in chief / Content manager: Herlinde Raeman
Editors: Astrid Stubbe & Julien Van de Casteele
Intern: Dlisah Lapidus
Copy editor: Megan Roberts
Design: Chloé D’hauwe
Printer: zwartopwit - duurzaam drukwerk


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