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Transporting guests to the 90s

Transporting guests to the 90's with their meticulously planned party concept, Simon, Valavier, Gilles, and Robbe create a custom experience for each SALON edition. Hosted in Ghent’s Amigo venue, they have free reign to bring in furniture and other design elements to make a truly unique atmosphere. Head over to the SALON Instagram to get a sense of what to expect in terms of aesthetics. Carefully curated, the feed provides a nice mood board of what awaits. In considering this month's Bon Voyage theme, SALON teleports its guests to a completely different era: a weekend vacation.

Interview by Jacob McPherson

What made you start the SALON parties?

We wanted to do something in Ghent that didn't exist yet. Since the hip hop, house, and disco scenes were already covered, we saw a need for more UK club-influenced music. The overall vibe we're going for includes UK funk, house, garage, percussion, and old school 90s hip hop hits – and is a bit experimental. Our parties don't focus on one genre but allow people to come together over several styles of music, including old school transit and hip hop classics. At SALON, everything blends together to create a mood of its own.

The overall vibe we’re going for includes UK funk, house, garage, percussion, and old school 90’s hip hop hits

Why did you decide to use Amigo as a venue?

Without Amigo, SALON wouldn’t exist. With its cosy atmosphere, high-quality bookings and sound, and flexibility to let us do what we want, it’s the perfect venue for us. Since our party is called SALON, it’s important that we can recreate a living room at each of our events. Amigo allows us to bring in furniture, and other pieces, which we don’t think a lot of other spaces would do.

It’s important that our party stays the same size, or it’ll ruin the 'living room' vibe

How come you focus on UK artists?

All of us took a trip to London and went to a party that’s similar to SALON, called Nightslugs Presents Hardbody. We got to know the label affiliated with the party and started booking the artists they represent. After our first edition with Manara, we were able to get more Nightslugs DJs because Manara had such a good experience. We've actually never booked a Belgian artist, and so our parties are a bit more international.

Do you see SALON growing or moving to other cities?

It’s important that our party stays the same size, or it'll ruin the 'living room' vibe. However, it might be fun to do a stage at a festival or do a guest night in Brussels or Antwerp. We're really happy with what we've created at Amigo, and wouldn’t want to change it by trying to book bigger acts and attract more guests. It's important that SALON remains unique so that people get a special experience at each of our parties.

SALON #4 with Girl Unit
23 Aril - Amigo, Ghent
Free for members until 1 AM