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Our top 5 expos you can visit for free

Museums seem to be the chosen ones. While other venues have been catching dust for over a year now, there’s still an impressive amount of art to discover at this very moment. As a good year is determined by its Spring, it’s time to unlock yourself. Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush. It’s nature’s way of saying: ‘Let’s party!’, so let's go out!

Text by Victor Seys

Roger Raveel: A Retrospective
until 21/07 at BOZAR

2021 seems to be le moment suprême for BOZAR to organize a large-scale retrospective of his work, as this year is Roger Raveel’s centenary. Thanks to his exceptional visual language and balance between figuration and abstraction, often inspired by his immediate surroundings, he’s regarded as one of the most important Belgian painters of the second half of the 20th century. Yet, you can set him radically apart from his contemporaries because of his unique and daring style.

In a world in which the arts are increasingly international, he remained local. He did not choose a particular school or movement but developed his style. Through several thematic chapters, the exhibition traces Raveel's long artistic journey and the emergence of his unique pictorial vision.

Click here to visit Roger Raveel: A Retrospective

Kurt Hentschlager: SUB
until 23/05 at iMAL

Austrian-born, New York-based Kurt Hentschläger brings you SUB, an immersive experience set in complete darkness. This darkness is shattered by punctuated bursts of animated light, leaving ghostly retinal impressions that linger as the light fades. The ambient surround sound-scape that accompanies these moments of light provide a constant backdrop to the setting. The closest you’ll come to a decent techno-party in a long time.

This exhibition builds on the loss of visual control, a subsequent shift in spatial awareness, instilling a sense of meditative dislocation and time standing still. The visual and sonic impressions vary substantially, creating a unique experience for each participant.

Click here to visit Kurt Hentschlager: SUB

Pierre Alechinsky & Aboriginalities
until 31/05 at KMSK

The exhibition of Pierre Alechinsky shows about 100 works by the Belgian artist, who’s a leading member of the avant-garde group CoBrA. Paintings and drawings from the collection of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, alongside new exceptional donations, offer a tribute to one of the greatest living artists in Belgium.

Click here to visit Pierre Alechinsky


Furthermore, you can dive into the ritual universe of the Aboriginal painters throughout a discovery-journey during which you submerge yourself in the ritual forms and open a window on spirituality. Aboriginal artists have initiated an artistic movement that enjoys an increasingly wide international reputation. Their works create a dialogue with "modern primitivism" and reflect on the modernity of those artists that were far too long considered primitive.

Click here to visit Aboriginalities

Lipstick and Gas Masks: The City Collection Antwerp
until 18/04 at M HKA 

The city of Antwerp is building a collection of contemporary art as a way to valorize and support artists connected with Antwerp. The artworks will be given on long-term loan to the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, which will develop the collection together with the city. In the first year, the acquisitions for the new collection will focus on young artists living in Antwerp. This will provide them with support – both financially and in terms of appreciation – which today is even more urgent than ever because of COVID. Members can book their free ticket in advance, right over here.

Click here to visit Lipstick and Gas Masks

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