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To obey or not to obey

From 13 October until 10 November, Pilar welcomes you to their sixth edition of ASAP: Order to Disorder. ‘Does order arise from chaos or chaos from order?’ Through this question, they take us on a trip through science and art. By embracing the paradox, we discover how they are intertwined with each other. During this time, you can enjoy energetic performances, from jungle to shatta, from sixties bubblegum pop to heavily overdriven halogen garage rock. Don’t miss out on the workshops, debates and concerts!

Text written by Stefanie De Meerleer

Thursday 13 OCT 2022

The opener of Pilar ASAP’s Order to Disorder Edition is Brussels-based nightlife collective Gloom Club. They focus on progressive club culture and audiovisual art, combining the best of the thriving underground scene and resolutely breaking down the boundaries between musical genres. First up is GREG, a 21-year-old DJ and producer and currently a resident at Paris’ hottest party concept La Créole. His latest EP Eau Coulée Smart City is all adrenaline and energy, blending musical influences from electronic music to Afro-Caribbean sounds. The second artist, NKC, is a Bristol-based producer and DJ. His energetic sets are filled with hard drum classics and Afrouhouse edits, with a healthy dose of wild card selections in between. Amor Satyr is a French DJ and producer and a self-proclaimed raver whose sets oscillate between audacity, innovation and energy. His only goal: to make the audience dance. Lastly, there’s Leese, an electronic music producer from Brussels. Her latest EP, Nomäa, is a mixture between club-heavy percussion and tribal rhythms. Her banging sounds and visuals will guide you to the dance floor!


Thursday 13 OCT – Thursday 10 NOV 2022

Curated by Bjorne Baeten and Maarten Vanermen, Out of Order asks us how order and chaos are related on the various scales, patterns and structures that permeate our universe. Think about the grid in which atoms settle to form crystals, the natural reoccurring fractals found in flora or the giant interstellar clusters of galaxies. With works by various artists, they take us on a quest through this ordered universe where we find chaos staring back at us.


Thursday 20 OCT 2022

Unschooling has built its own pillars of post-punk. They present a chaotic ensemble of complex mathy guitar lines, dissatisfied vocals and twitch rhythm sections. Their EP Random Acts of Total Control came out in 2021 and was described as ‘energetic post-punk that revels in calculated discord’. TUFF GUAC is Rafael Valles Hillario’s DIY home-recording solo project. From sixties bubblegum pop to heavily overdrive halogen garage rock. Unleash the dancing animal that has been hiding inside of you! Finally, PEGA was born as an attic project, later moving to a basement, only to end up in a bedroom. Juliette, Bárbara and Leslie, the three women of PEGA will set your inner wiggle in motion. Prestigious rock ‘n roll guaranteed!


Friday 4 NOV 2022

TSVI/Anunaku is an Italian DJ and producer living in London. Influenced by a diverse range of music all over the world, he makes functional, electronic percussive tracks. He just released his new EP060 together with Avalon9000. Expect nothing but uplifting emotional dance music filled with cuteness. 

Then there’s NAH, a percussionist, sound manipulator and visual artist from Philadelphia. He has been recording, touring and developing his own dynamic synthesis of mutated samples, textured noise and genre-smashing rhythms since late 2011. Currently living and working in Belgium, he just released his new NAH JAM, Cluttered with Details. The next artist is PIPPIN’, producer, an all-around sound explorer and producer. His performances can be described as a play in between melodic landscapes and heavy beat-based electronic music. And finally, inspired by his eclectic musical background, MeyanDR weaves a unique sound that combines elements of classical music, breakbeat and his favourite cartoons with industrial textures and glitchy sounds. 


Thursday 10 NOV 2022
- This event is free for members -

Closing night at Pilar ASAP’s Order to Disorder Edition is hosted by Crowd Consol. They host heartfelt and experimental performances within the electronic realm. Expect an unruly display of delicate ambient, noise and heavy club music. With: Perila (DE/RU) + Nosedrip b2b LazerGazer (BE/NL/SY) + hermeneia b2b Morgan Abend (PL/BE) + Dienne + gone icon + oblomov + 1528DD.

PILAR ASAP: closing night by Crowd Console
10 November 2022 - Brussels, Pilar

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