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Thought Romance and Brutal Decadence

This spring, Ghent-based Democrazy explores topics of romantic struggles, confrontational decadence and uncanny, yet comforting soundscapes. Sensitivity, though undoubtedly omnipresent, finds itself in unexpected places in the oeuvres of the programmed artists, patiently waiting there to be discovered. From rage, brutality and horror movies to almost sacral ambient and youthful playfulness. This variety of attitudes, expressed in many almost contradictory ways,  leaves the listener not only moved but hungry for more. 

Text written by Antek Cholewiński


Pye Corner Audio
Friday 20.01 - Minard Schouwburg

Pye Corner Audio is an electronic music project of multi-aliased composer and producer Martin Jenkins. Jenkins’ music, fuelled by the nostalgically unnerving genre of hauntology, carries sentiments of ambient, shoegaze, house and horror movie soundtracks. Each alter-ego of Jenkins presents different sides of his musical expertise. One can know him from the uncanny minimalism of The House in the Woods (phenomenal The Spectral Corridor) and brutalist Head Technician  (haunting Profane Architecture). On January 20th, Jenkins will perform in Minard Schouwburg as Pye Corner Audio - his flagship project which unifies both foot-tapping-head-nodding and incredibly sensitive sides of his musical language.


RONKER + Crowd Of Chairs
Wednesday 25.01 - De Centrale
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On January 25th the moral anxiety of the industrial rebel will fill the room of De Centrale with the smell of scorched oil and smoke. Those rebels are RONKER and Crowd of Chairs - two Belgian post-punk/noise rock bands deriving their inspiration from bands like Nine Inch Nails or Big Black’s  Steve Albini. Both bands cultivate carefully curated aesthetics, both in musical and visual aspects. In their music videos (dark ‘Shame’ of RONKER and brilliant ‘Become’ of the latter) the viewer is confronted with both brutality and symbolism, from footages of a bike race countered with animal predators hunting on their preys to self-evaluating danse macabre in an abandoned factory. January 25th is therefore a night of aching confrontations.


Doodseskader + Movulango
Wedsnesday 22.02 - De Vooruit Balzaal

February 22nd is a night of thought romance and brutal decadence. Doodseskader is a project of  Belgian duo Tim de Gieter and Sigfried Burroughs. Their music combines the brutality and darkness of metal with lyricism. Their pessimism, though confrontational (‘Alive & Not Well’, ‘It’s Not an Addiction If You Don’t Feel Like Quitting’) finds comfort in the middle finger directed at emotional ignorance. Their supporting act - outstanding Movulango - proves that lo-fi is short for infatuation and melancholy. Take our word for it (or change a few). His new EP Mirror in Man is an eye-watering yet gentle, warm blanket of coming-of-age romantic hypno-ballads. Watch out or embrace, his talent is hard to ignore. Come to De Vooruit Balzaal to find out why.


Ana Roxanne
Thursday 30.03 - Kunsthal

Ana Roxanne is a New York City-based sound artist and composer focusing her work on infusing drones and ambients with delicate expressions of gender identity. This sensible combination makes her narratives incredibly fragile, constantly reminding the listener of their lingering profoundness. Roxanne combines loops, spoken word, soft textures and brilliantly selected samples. Her deeply contemplative soundscapes lure one into overhearing an intimate conversation with oneself which is almost impossible not to follow. The space becomes vulnerable but safe and inviting. Roxanne is going to perform in Kunsthal Ghent on March 30th.


Mazey Haze 
Wednesday 19.04 - Charlatan

Mazey Haze is an indie rock/art pop project by Nadine Appeldoorn, performing at Charlatan on April 19th. Nadine derives her inspiration from flower-powered 60’s bands such as The Beach Boys or The Mamas and The Papas and French new wave cinema. Her music brings one into a  nostalgic, blurred and faux-naive, intimate place filled with the smell of the last days of never-ending summer and artsy cafés. Her lyricism explores the sentimentality of heartbreaks, vibe-esque romanticism and youthful dilemmas. All at once or separately, Mazey’s songs bring ephemeral comfort and understanding.

RONKER + Crowd Of Chairs
25/01 - De Centrale, Ghent
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