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Third Time's the Charm

For its third edition, Filter Festival at TRIX, Antwerp will be sure to bring a diverse and coloured palette of artists onto the stage. With a range of sonic variations, the festival's performers span across multiple genres, twisting and turning through shoegaze and indie, to hardcore and horror rap: indeed, the festival organisers cast a wide net both musically and geographically. They say the third time's the charm, right? Everything will be heard in this one evening on 26 November; buckle up for a journey at Trix this autumn.

Text written by James Portoraro


Combining elements of indie, folk and rock – Widowspeak's Molly Hamilton will guide you along warm vocals to the background of guitar twangs. Both the guitar and the vocals are the centre point as they dance together, intertwine and intermingle. Their track ‘Everything is Simple,’ from their 2022 album The Jacket does just the trick. Very much the kinds of tunes you'd love to hear in a bookstore or café on an Autumn morning – this quintessentially American duo will sway festival-goers this year at Filter, perfect for indie vibes.


Mathilde Fernandez

Brussels-based artist Mathilde Fernandez will be certain to leave heads spinning with her hardcore-infused pop meets gothic. Using the full range of her vocal prowess paired with a driving kick-drum, her single ‘Temple Sourire’ harks back to the 80s while remaining contemporary. Kate Bush and Nina Hagen are frequently cited as major sources of inspiration for Mathilde, and you can definitely tell why given her vocal range and personality on stage. Be sure to look out for a provocative and statement-making outfit on performance night – Mathilde isn't one to miss.



Pronounced ‘Horror’ - Americal industrial horrorcore group Ho99o9 will devastate Filter Festival with a sure-to-be punishing performance. The horrorcore genre is one that captures an indescribable 21st-century zeitgeist, though don't think that this trio of the OGM, Eaddy & Brandon Pertzborn are limited to such musical boxes we writers oh-so-love to categorise. Some describe them as punk-rap, others as noise-punk – forget the genres and let the music do the talking. Or, should I say, the noise-infested gurgles and screams that are Ho99o9.


L.A. Salami

Providing a more intimate experience, British singer-songwriter Lookman Adekunle Salami will bring tales of love while mixing more contemporary socio-political messages with his more contemporary releases. Aptly named tracks such as ‘Desperate Times, Mediocre Measures’ and ‘Systemic Pandemic’ off of his newest 2022 album Outline provide a contemporary musical accompaniment to the state of the world today. ‘How much kindness is left at the top though, when you have a say of a child's fate 100 miles away?’ Often citing Bob Dylan as a major inspiration, London's L.A. Salami will also throw in some rap, recently stating his influences of Drake, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.



Hailing from Hull, English shoegaze band Bdrmm will be playing the pedals, exploring the ranges of their guitars and bathing concert-goers in a wall of sound. The influences are clear – My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive & Ride have all left their mark. Plenty of emotions are left all out to dry. Make sure to dive into their 2020 album Bedroom: contemporary shoegaze couldn't be any purer. If you haven't heard their music, the 2022 single ‘Three’ will remind you of Thom Yorke - a great place to start before you dive into the music of bdrmm.


Filter festival 2022
26 November 2022 - Antwerp, Trix
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