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The Utopia Issue - November 2016

Now that we've covered the basics of evolution, it's time to consider an end goal. Take Eden in its heavenly shrubbery, where sin is abolished and the present lasts for ever. And the socialist dream, the Republic, made of precious metals; the anarchist communes and the communes of anarchy. If we were to materialise the utopian longings of days past, it might look like here, today: relative peace, hyper communicability, dreams made tangible by the networks awash in your preceived right to a soap box. But what so we surrender? What imbalances persist? The fusional perfection on all biospheric levels is still a possibility, one that would pierce through this earthly carcass and absorb all.

Contributors: Sabzian, Gabriela Gonzalez, Julien Van de Casteele, Alexander Ermakov, Bart Bruneel, Laura Ramos, Spencer Clark, Sasha Vernaeve, Femke Fredrix, Catherine Lemblé, David Brandon Geeting & Robin Stein