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The urgency of emerging art

To Be Antwerp debunks the 7-year itch theory. For the seventh time in a row emerging artists and art students organise an art route through the streets of Antwerp, showcasing their work in shops, galleries, theatres, cafés and even a church.  During the weekend of 25-27 November, the Theaterbuurt will transform into the arena of an artistic scavenger hunt. Let To Be Antwerp, in these turbulent times, be yet another reminder of the urgency of art. And although all of the featured new masters and artists deserve attention (and funds!) we’ve selected five artists' profiles to help get you excited for the 7th edition of To Be Antwerp.

Text written by Maria Magdalena De Cort

Jerald Mamangun
Koninginnestraat 8

As a recent master of Sint Lucas, Jerald Mamangun is an illustrator working around the concept of memory. A memory is something both graspable and fleeting. For their work I am glad to meet you, Jerald used the Mokuhanga木版画 technique, a woodcut technique that also has the designation Ukiyo-e 浮世絵 (prints of the flowing world). With this technique, Jerald builds a personal archive of memories for his woodcuts, on show at Adrienne & Moi.


Igor Dieryck
Sint-Jozefstraat 78

Igor Dieryck is a Master Fashion student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. They base their collections on geopolitical problems, combining their interest in the contemporary world with deep experimentation. Their collection Duty Calls is a creative analysis of power and its relation to garments, specifying the royal family in Belgium. Check out their work at Michael Marcy Design Gallery.

Yasmine Akondo
Sint Joriskerk, Mechelseplein 24

Yasmine Akondo is an installation artist and master in Autonomous Visual Arts at Sint Lucas. In their work, they investigate the meaning of spaces in between, between the embodiment and the non-physical, the movement and the motionless. In poetic, almost metaphysical installations that combine several materials, both natural and man-made, they explore dimensions, their beginnings and endings. Drop by the Sint Joris church to see their work Kroniek.  


Benjamin Volckaerts
Komedieplaats 4-6

Another new master is Benjamin Volckaerts, a sculptor. Their blobby statues of clay, silicon and fabrics stand like a small army, always in motion. He finds inspiration in South Korea, where he says striking colours can be found anywhere. With an eye for detail and a talent for combining natural colours with harmonic contrasts, we’re excited to see what creative paths this artist will walk in the future. Benjamin Volkaerts’ work will be on show at N. Vrouyr (Komediaplaats 4-6) during TBA. The photo is shot by Sam Morjou.

Marie Dreezen
Kavka, Oudaan 14

Photographer and new master Marie Dreezen looks for the absurd and extraordinary in mundane situations. With a keen eye for composition and a predilection for colour and light play, their photos are masterful distillations of our everyday world. Get submerged in the dreamy atmospheres of their photos at Kavka Oudaan.

To Be Antwerp 2022: Art Route & Performance
25, 26, 27 November - Antwerp, Mechelseplein
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