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The touring venue is passing by, hop on!

About one year ago, the nomadic music club Democrazy celebrated its 40th anniversary. Having had a  decades-long history of presenting qualitative and upcoming artists from home and beyond, Democrazy hosted greats such as Nirvana, Madlib, Wu-Tang Clan, Richie Hawtin and many more. Collaborating with, among others like Viernulvier, Kompass and NTGent, Democrazy has been one of the driving forces behind the alternative and pioneering music scene in Belgium. This autumn, the touring venue will spoil us with various events. Once more, we have carefully selected five acts you wouldn’t want to miss.

Text written by Raphaël Aziza Van Cappellen

Jeugd van de Nacht - 29 September
De Vooruit, Ghent

In a recent open call, Jeugd van de Nacht started looking for enthusiastic people who want to work on night culture and who are keen to set up an event. Actively supported by Radio Ruit, Viernulvier, Democrazy, Formaat and Minus One, Jeugd van de Nacht aims to map out the needs of Ghent’s nightlife and music scene. For Thursday 29 September 2022, seven acts were selected to take over Vooruit and colour it with a unique programme, both in terms of content and music. 

Prepare for Trance Arts Collective, Ask For Consent, Achlys, Eef De Wilde, Tamqrant, Jean-Jacques  Collective and Nerd Lab!


SHHT - 06 October
Chinastraat, Ghent

Noted for their eccentric and larger-than-life performances, SHHT is sure to put up another wild participative act at the Chinastraat on 06 October. Drawing from a wide and eclectic range of influences, their sound has already been described as ‘balancing between an earthquake in Haïti and taking drugs at a local fairground’. That being said, the pleasantly disturbed noise rockers from Shht will surely manage to exhaust the sultry crowd in a self-curated all-nighter.  Accompanied by Michelle, Gut Model and BeraadGeslagen, the Shht DJs will be guiding the afterparty safely into the morning hours.

Proeftuin Night XL - 08 October
Chinastraat, Ghent
Free for members

This XL edition of Proeftuin brings an energetic mix of old-school rave, jungle acid, hardstyle and gabber. The night will feature DJ sets by some of the best artists in the current rave scene: French trio, J-ZBEL will bring their euphoric flow to the dance floor with a style that ranges from old-school rave to trap rhythm. Canadian Berlin-resident, Aquarian delivers raw dance music influenced by both Detroit and Berlin with a sound that ranges from Drexcyian electro to UK grime. Kiosk and LYL radio- resident DJ Under Arrest’s set will guarantee a variety of UK Bass, Punk, IDM Baile and 2000s pop with a hint of hardstyle.

Another Kiosk and LYL resident is JUJULOVE – her feminist science fiction, manga and the fantasy-inspired world will guarantee a unique experience at 170 bpm on the dancefloor. Finally, EGIDIUS will provide the live set for the night, taking the dancefloor on a journey of melodic techno and electronic dream pop


Yong Yello - 02 November
De Vooruit, Ghent

In a former life, Yello Staelens – a.k.a Yong Yello – was a member of the legendary hip hop collective Eigen Makelij and made a name for himself as a producer for artists such as Tourist LeMC, Pepe, Diamantairs and Glints. Now he is also making a name for himself as a rapper. Yong Yello’s music is somewhat situated at the crossroads of 90s hip-hop and classical chanson, supplied with painfully sincere lyrics and nostalgic arrangements. This collision often results in soulful and melancholy songs that linger. In 2020, he became a finalist of De Nieuwe Lichting with the single ‘Als Ge Slaapt’, and singles from his debut album Marcel & Het Magnetisme Van De Goot were later presented. With songs like ‘Luchtkasteel’, ‘Londenbrug’ and ‘Super Mario’, he left a  firm impression last year. This autumn, he is set to charm the concert hall of De Vooruit with his heartfelt verses.


Yung Lean - 05 November
De Vooruit, Ghent

In 2013, Yung Lean first went viral with his first hit ‘Ginseng Strip 2002’, and the rest is history. Releasing four studio albums and four mixtapes since then, Yung Lean’s influence on the cloud rap movement and contemporary hip hop culture has been pervading and unceasing. Credited with quasi-inventing an entire generation of hip hop music and internet aesthetics, Yung Lean’s creative endeavours don’t limit him to music alone, but also draw him into painting and  screenwriting. Showing his potential in shedding the stamp of an ironic online phenomenon, Lean’s latest mixtape Stardust contains some of the most high-profile collaborations of his career –  FKA Twigs, Skrillex – and illustrates his potential for lasting stardom. Be prepared for an intense and intimate night in Vooruit.

Proeftuin Night XL
08 October 2022 - Chinastraat, Ghent
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