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The Sound Of The Belgian Underground - Jan/Feb 2022

We all qualify time with different markers. For you, maybe two years is half a bachelor’s degree, the time in which a newborn baby becomes a destructive toddler or the wait for your favourite biannual festival. 
No matter how we used to see time, we can’t deny that two years feels different to us now. Where were you two years ago? Did you have any idea of what was in store? Or, like many of us, were you blissfully unaware of how dramatically your life, your mentality, and your perspectives were bound to change.
So a lot can happen in two years, even more than everything we see on the news. Two years can be enough time to move somewhere completely new or even rediscover the place you have always been, and fall in love with its unmistakable sound, the Sound of the Belgian Underground.

words by Dlisah Lapidus


Thank you Astrid, Dlisah, Herlinde, Julien, Jonas, Kasper-Jan, Linde, Salome, Dushime, Edouard, Chiara, Eline, Lars, Celina,  Simon, Geerten, Joséphine & Leentje.

Front cover : Dushime shot by Chiara Steemans


Editor in chief / Content manager : Herlinde Raeman
Editors : Astrid Stubbe & Julien Van de Casteele
Intern : Dlisah Lapidus
Copy editor : Dlisah Lapidus
Design: Chloé D’hauwe
Printer : zwartopwit - duurzaam drukwerk


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