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The month of NAH

The Holidays arrive together with a serious amount of obligatory family events to attend. But not for a little while yet, December has more on the agenda before you can go hide underneath a Christmas tree. To help you pick the more surprising events to attend, we ask artists guide you through what’s highlighted in their personal agenda. In December: Michul Kuun, the Philly sound alchemist, aka NAH, bringing his own specific brand of ever-evolving sonic explorations rooted in electronic, hip hop, jazz, punk and who-knows-what-else...

Text by Michul Kuun

En Plein Public
December - Edition Populaire, Bleekhofstraat, Antwerpen

I’ve been kicking it around Antwerpen for the last two years. I don’t go outside very much and I’m not a huuuuge fan of “street art”, but every time I’m out and about, sure enough I come across the surreal, gritty, and forward thinking work of EN PLEIN PUBLIC. I think that I’ve managed to find their real name, but I’m no cop. Pretty much any construction site or temporary wall in Antwerp is blessed with their magic touch. One day there’s just a couple of orange squares, then two days later some black lines, another week goes by and there is a distorted figure or an elegant stroke of complimentary colors. Eventually there will be a fully released, yet hyper urgent piece of art for the city to enjoy. But only for the duration of the construction sites lifespan. Genius. Luckily, Edition Populaire is showing some of their work for all of December. Can’t wait to see something permanent. I think….


NAH + Old Painless + Osica
07 Dec - La Zone, Liège
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Ok, I know it’s my own gig, but I have to be there so yeah…. As a non Belgian person, Liège has to be by far one of the weirdest, and most raw cities in Belgium that I’ve had the pleasure of smashing drums in. It’s right up there with Charleroi in it’s wildness. Last time I played there I witnessed an extra drunk dude trying to break a cafe’s window with a metal chair. Everyone inside the cafe was screaming at him from behind the foggy window and then someone ran out and smashed a bottle over his head. Pretty gnarly. Meanwhile I was munching on a super tasty durum across the street. 9 out of 10. Liège is great. 


Dis Fig
12 December - Botanique, Brussels
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Been a minute that I’ve been trying to catch a live set from Dis Fig. We were even touring in Taiwan at the same time last month, but Deli Girls and I got sucked into a gin and tonic time warp at a Karaoke / Jazz bar thing and missed the gig. That night was also the first time I tasted a squid ball and holy damn those are good. Anyway, Dis Fig’s music is pure, beautiful, and terrifying sonic destruction. Unfortunately, once again I cannot make this show, but you should DEFINITELY go. Dammit.