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The month of Dries Robbe

November is packed with events. As a Subbacultcha member your wallet won’t suffer, but the bags under your eyes might - we all need some couch time every now and then. To help battle your fear of missing out and protect your sleep rhythm, we let artists guide you through what’s highlighted in their agenda. Up now: Dries Robbe, vocalist of Sea (Peoples) and programmer of CC Dilbeek.

Text by Dries Robbe

PILAR ASAP: Visible Cloaks + Yoshio Ojima + Satsuki Shibano
8/11 - Pilar, Brussels (free for members)

This will be an evening on the heights of the Japanese avant-garde - eating ramen before the show is recommended. Visible Cloaks is one of the best contemporary new age/ambient acts out there. Together with composer Yoshio Ojima and pianist Satsuki Shibano the electronic duo wrote Serenitatem, a serious tour de force. The album is part of the FRKWYS-series of New York label RVNG intl.’s. They’ll heal mind, body and soul.


Laurel Halo + Simon Halsberghe
8/11 - C12, Brussels (free for members before 01.00)

After getting your balance restored during the Visible Cloaks show in Pilar, Laurel Halo looks like the perfect act to complete the night. She’s a true quality label for electronic music. From ambient pop and abstract techno to eclectic DJ-sets: Halo always delivers.


Sea (Peoples)
15/11 - Volta, Brussels (free for members)



Schiev Festival Day 3: Laryssa Kim + Acte Bonté + Ben Bertrand + Maria W Horn + Gigsta
17/11 - Beursschouwburg, Brussels (free for members)

The line-up of this year’s Schiev festival is as stellar as always. Might be shining the strongest on the firmament of the third day: the surreal pop of Acte Bonté and the otherworldly minimalism of bass clarinetist Ben Bertrand.