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The fanclub is back

What’subb is a ‘fan zone’ where you can meet and greet artists in a live video chat. A chill conversation where you can ask whatever you like or just go incognito to watch and listen. Now it’s time to level up this game, introducing a series of talks with our favourite artists of the moment.

03 March: U.S. Girls x La fille d’O (more info)
10 March: Oklou x Casey MQ (more info)
17 March: Elias Bender Rønnenfelt x Alex Zhang Hungtai (more info)
24 March: Ian Isiah x Eartheater (more info)
31 March: TBA

Just you, your device and your idol

There’s a whole new fan-experience coming your way as we speak. Get to know your favourite artist on the next level by asking the questions you’ve always wondered about. No beating around the bush, only straightforward interaction like talking to your best friend. Just you, your device and your idol. 

Double Dates

An impressive list of cutting-edge artists sets the tone for these online talks. Profound minds combined with inspiring visions; intelligent gems, driven by their curiosity and lust for life. You don’t see them in mainstream media, but you do meet and interact with them in What’subb! 

4AD signee Meg Remy (U.S Girls) and Murielle Scherre (La fille d’O) will set the ball rolling on 3 March. Later this month, we're welcoming the new prince of R&B and gospel, Ian Isiah, and the ravishing Eartheater, an artist who will break rules to scratch an itch and learn something new about herself and the world. Also on the lineup are rock icon Elias Bender Ronnenfelt and jazz virtuoso Alex Zhang Hungtai. We’re announcing more talks in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye on the agenda and zoom along!


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