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The Evolution Issue - October 2016

Evolve. As living creatures populating a living planet, it's all we can do. And evolution means different things: green becomes yellow and then red, and then brown. Boys turn into girls who turn into cybrogs, and the music from one street builds on the adjacent one to feed and grow into the sound of the future. Because everything is better than yesterday and inferior to tomorrow - at least according to biological logic. But although evolution is natural, you still have to diect it somehow. You have to open your eyes wider, listen harder, immerse yourself in all the things that will help you beat the odds. Because survival of the fittest is also survival of the finest, dear reader. 

Contributors: Valerie Steenhaut, Hannes Rooms, Saraya Richter, Sabzian, Gabriela Gonzalez, Mathias Bourgonjon, Julien Van de Casteele, Alexander Ermakov, Thomas Vanoosthuyse, Herlinde Raeman, Laura Ramos, Tiny Geeroms, Femke Fredrix, Catherine Lemblé, Boychild, Miranda Lehman & Tessa Groenewoud