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The end of the couch potato

Museums seem to be the chosen ones. While other venues have been catching dust for about a year now, there’s still an impressive amount of art to discover at this very moment. In possession of a mouth mask, disinfected hands and good vibes, your Subbacultcha membership guides you through the orchard of cutting-edge exhibitions worth paying a visit.

Text by Victor Seys
Photos are taken from our New Master series shot in various museums in Belgium

The overgrown orchard 

It’s safe to say the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting our beloved cultural scene on a massive scale. It’s also no secret that our youth has to sail some rough waters - oceans, even. The time of youth is meant to be flooded by happiness, friends and good times instead of being drowned in solitude, anger and fear.

Not only have the lives of artists, promoters and youngsters been thrown upside down, but the daily routine of every citizen is also far from what it used to be. Social distancing, bubbles, lockdowns, curfews... who could have imagined all this ludicrousness? The lack of social interaction, events and other leisures truly is a devastating blow. And we’re all in this together. Naturally, this drives loads of people crazy, but we would like to lead you the way to the opportunities, trying to reap the fruits of this overgrown orchard.

We would like to lead you the way to the opportunities, trying to reap the fruits of this overgrown orchard

Get glow

These fruits come in all shapes and sizes, and you might know some: a walk in the park, a coffee with your grandma, listening sessions in your happy place or even a (guilty) pleasure now and then. The quest for happiness is a never-ending quest, so now more than ever it’s time to dig deeper. Go find out the preciousness of today’s reduced yet still exciting cultural landscape!

The quest for happiness is a never-ending quest, it’s time to dig deeper


What is mind-blowing is the incredible list of exhibitions which are running as we speak. Groundbreaking or traditional, dark or bright, the enumerated list suits all tastes. It’s waking up the sunshine inside and helping to build up your immune system against the fruitless hangings. In a recent study by LKCA, it’s been proven that making or examining art contributes to self-confidence, social abilities and metacognition. So what are you waiting for? It’s not forbidden!

Build up your immune system against the fruitless hangings

Fruit bowl of Subbacultcha

As a Subbacultcha member, you get to dive into a carefully curated selection of exhibitions. You witness new music and art from the front row and treat yourself with the best the weekend can give: reads in our magazines, movies at home but, most of all, a visit to the exhibitions of the moment with your friends. Something to look forward to, something that is possible and something that plumps up your mental health for sure. It’s never winter in the land of hope. Spring is coming, so let’s blossom.

Spring is coming, so let’s blossom

Have a look at the impressive list of exhibitions, free to visit with your Subbacultcha membership.

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