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The Clumsy Issue - October 2013

Maybe you once fell into a pool while actually playing pool or nailed your own finger to the wall and experienced those few seconds of shocked embarrassment before quickly trading them for crazy laughs-slash-yelps-of-pain-followed-by-laughs. Your lives are full of potential viral videos and the stories you tell your friends are the looped GIFs bound to be repeated over and over with the same hilarious results. clumsy people, don't be ashamed of your slightly different perception of time and space: be an endless source of fun! 

Contributors: Jonas Nachtergaele, Julien Van de Casteele, Nina Strebelle, Anna Baqués, Will Martin, Kasper-Jan Raeman, Nina Vandeweghe, Jim Cristopher Nedd, Simone Trabucchi, Canedicoda, Piotr Niepsuj, Timothy Saccenti, Brad Rose, Grant Willing, Basje Boer and Suzanna Zak