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The Agora of #sobu2020

While our 9 bands hit the stage in the Box, there’s much more worth exploring during The Sound Of The Belgian Underground. Our friends of Balades Sonores will be selling their most interesting Belgian releases. We’ll be spinning obscure but ripe-for-discovery Belgian songs in the Agora and, last but not least, we’re glad to give you the opportunity to enter a long relationship with a fine piece of art by the hands of Dennis Tyfus or Loic Le Hécho.

Photo by Rashidam Nassyrova

Visual artist, publisher and independent legend, Dennis Tyfus, will be bringing his No Choice Tattoo workshop to AB. No Choice Tattoos is a permanent surprise on your cathedral or temple! You can decide the size and place on your body, Dennis decides what you will get, so say YES to a permanent surprise! 


Loïc Le Hécho may look familiar to you. We featured his collective, Isengard, a couple of months ago in our 20-something issue. Le Hécho is a tattoo artist with an exceptional vision. His drawings stick to your retina as if they were created in your worst nightmares, yet somehow also have a sweetness to them that is oddly mesmerizing. 


There is a limited capacity for both tattoo artists, who will work between 16h and 22h. Confirm your appointment from 15h30 on at their booth in the Agora during The Sound Of The Belgian Underground. They work on a first-come-first-serve basis. Prices and timings depending on the size of your tattoo. Bring cash and spend your new year’s money on a good cause.

The Sound Of The Belgian Underground with
tattoos by Dennis Tyfus & Loic Le Hécho
Record fair by Balades Sonores
26.01.2020 - AB, Brussels
Doors : 14.30
Free for Subbacultcha menbers
or buy your ticket here