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The Aftermath - Nov/Dec 2002

New grass growing after the harvest, a second-growth crop is what people call the aftermath. These months are the aftermath of another crazy year. A year in which we launched our very own ABC. A year containing the 11th edition of our Summer festival in its many appearances. A year in which we celebrated a decade of being the mavericks.

Just like Salma is quoting so beautifully in this issue; ‘I think that ecology is somewhat of an art’, new development is art. Or maybe you can read this between the lines of Shiva’s answers too. Similar to her, we live on a constant curiosity and need to explore other creative horizons. So in the end, Maya is right as well; LIFE IS A VIEZE CIRKEL. A circle of becoming and being. Let’s see what else 2022 is bringing us!

Front cover: Vieze Meisje shot by Sarah Stone
Editor-in-chief: Herlinde Raeman
Editor: Astrid Stubbe
Copy Editor: Gabriela González
Graphic Design: Emma Raymaekers
Printer: zwartopwit - duurzaam drukwerk


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