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Summer at OLT Rivierenhof

With a liberating summer in sight, something’s cooking at OLT Rivierenhof. Many top-notch artists and other cultural ludicrousness have been scheduled and, on the 3rd of July, OVERLAST is back to tickle your senses at the infamous open air venue. We've selected some niche yet exciting acts for your pleasure, all of which play a show that is free for Subbacultcha members. So join, register and don’t sleep on it! ;-)

text by Victor Seys


Patches are Lotte Lauwers hurtling out chunks of emotional debris. Matching a subtle taste for wrapping vocal jolts and purrs with just the right amount of beats and smears of electronic tempera, Patches are challenging and tempting. The dark, almost sinister music will most certainly fire your imagination.



Glasshelder consists of four jazzy boys who ran into each other at Kunsthumaniora in Brussels. Now all studying at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, they’ve become a close group of friends who share a  passion for jazz music. The musical result is a unique cross-fertilization that represents the cultural mix of their metropole.


bontridders & band

bontridders love white shoes, especially when they’re rinsed and clean inside a dirty moshpit. Maybe bontridders are also witches, magical in any way. Live at Overlast, with a live band! Feel the energy of thousands, all projected through this one submerging magical woman.



Brorlab is a 3-headed new wave punk band from Antwerp. Armed with rather short songs, they’re set to demolish the stage in a small timespan. No surprise that comparison to Cocaine Piss imposes itself. Anyhow, their tunes most certainly are a thing to get out of the house for.



ECHT! is a Brussels-based band. Inspired by the concepts that you can find in electronic music and the effects of musical production, they use those languages and apply them to their tunes. Exclusively instrumental, the group is composed of a drummer, keyboard player, guitarist, and bass player.

Overlast: Patches, Glasshelder + more - 03 July
Champion Sound Beat Battle + ECHT! - 10 July
Martin Kolstedt - 18 July
Antwerp, OLT Rivierenhof
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