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Showcase your work at De Studio during Antwerp Art Weekend

Fancy your work to be featured at one of Antwerp’s hotspots during Antwerp Art weekend in May? Join us and take part in our community exhibition at De Studio. Send us your work before Sunday 11 April midnight. [ Submissions are closed ]

Text by Victor Seys
Images: sub_missions featured in Future of cyborgs, our March/April issue


In 2021, we're fully concentrating on sharing the work of the artists and creatives within our community. Members can send us what they feel we need to publish in our magazine or online. Yes - you tell us! Whether it’s a photo series, some versatile texts, thrilling songs, soothing podcasts, sick new bands, or even an exhibition or events we need to feature or promote - we hear you! Sub_missions is the way to go to promote your stuff, or just the stuff you like, to fellow members and possible (new) fans.

Opportunity won’t come knocking until you’ve built a door



Subbacultcha is a stage where emerging artists and true fans connect, a place where leftfield talent gets exposed and young people get inspired. We make it possible to discover new artists and provide emerging talent with a larger fanbase from the start of their careers. We see the importance of a valuable platform for emerging artists and, through it, introduce them to the audience they deserve. By setting up shows, publishing content, providing an interested audience, or giving advice, we help emerging artists move forward. That’s our drive.




We would love to welcome your precious soul to our community and let you know what to expect going forward. We send one email per week, highlighting any new projects we're working on, announcing new open calls, and spotlighting the artists and photographers from our member-community who are currently inspiring us. In the meantime, you can stay up to date with new music and art by reading the magazine and following our social channels and website.

Now there’s more! Fancy your work to be featured in one of Antwerp’s hotspots during Antwerp Art weekend from 13 till 16 May? Join us and take part in our community exhibition at De Studio. A massive art-minded public will be keen to catch an offline glimpse of your work.

Furthermore, the artists of our previous Art Series will select their favorite works which will be printed as a limited edition series and exclusively be sold at De Studio during the weekend. The chosen ones will also receive this high-quality print of their work.




Knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door!

If you want to submit your work (visual art, photography, installations, music, ...) to be featured at our community expo during Antwerp Art Weekend 2021, we invite you to become a part of Subbacultcha and click the link below. Make sure you have a high-resolution scan of your work ready, accompanied by a small text of 50 words about your work and yourself. Beware, there’s a deadline to meet. Send us your work before Sunday 11 April midnight. Participants will need to bring their work (ready to exhibit) from 10-12 May and collect it from 17-19 May at the De Studio.

[ Submissions are closed ]

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