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Roaring 2021 - July/August 2021

A century ago we would have been in the midst of les Années Folles, a time of healthy economic growth, expansive liberal values, and – most importantly – a spurt in experimental and creative efforts in the field of art. Also known as the Jazz Age, this music played a significant part in wider cultural changes during this period. It was the heyday of ragtime, cabaret dancing, Josephine Baker, and women's suffrage. There was the birth of café society, as the bars in Paris, New York, and London became magnets for artists, writers, and other ‘bright young things’. The 1920s saw the birth of surrealism, the avant-garde, and everything associated with modernity and a break with tradition. On the streets, you could see the Garçonne or flapper and the Gibson girls: independent, feminist, strong, modern, pleasure-seeking, crazy young women who flaunted their disdain for 'acceptable’ social behaviors.

Although this was 100 years ago, in our heads we now have entered the Flappers’ Future, so let’s dive into it. No time to waste in the Golden Twenties.

Thank you, Julien (first of all!), Milena, Laura, Kasper-Jan, Mats, Meg, Gabriela, Chloé, Dries, Mayli, Anna, Cathérine, Eline, Sepideh, Mattias, Oriana & the team of Deborah Bowman!

Your editor-in-chief, Herlinde

Front cover: Oriana Ikomo shot by Catherine Lemblé
Editor in chief / Content manager: Herlinde Raeman
Editor in chief / Sales manager: Kasper-Jan Raeman
Editors: Milena Maenhaut, Laura-Andréa Callewaert & Julien Van de Casteele
Copy editor: Megan Roberts
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Community manager: Mats Van Eccelpoel
Online copy editor: Gabriela González

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