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Recent Finds by Simon Baetens

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. Simon brings you three performances, each one rooted in a different corner of art. A forcefull mix between language and movement, an exploration of light and darkness, and a text book example of drag done the only way it ever should. Onwards and upwards, exploration lies ahead!

Collected and written by Simon Baetens

Hannah De Meyer: hi Baubo, 

Theatre author and performer, Hannah De Meyer, has received international acclaim for her impressive solos Levitations (2017) and New Skin (2018). For her new performance, hi Baubo,, she takes inspiration from Greek mythology to further shape her psychedelic, eco-feminist universe.

7 + 8 February - 20.00
Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerp



Ezra Veldhuis & Bosse Provoost & Oshin Albrecht:
SUN-SET (before: Kosmogonie)


Bosse Provoost and Ezra Veldhuis once had the idea to make a performance with light as the sole performer. This research has resulted in an intimate show about the dark moment before the universe was born, on the cusp between ‘nothing’ and ‘something’.

6 February - 20.00 (sold out)
7 February - 20.00 + 22.00
V36, Antwerp



House Of Lux: DOLLHAUS: Camp & Couture

In May 2018, five drag enthusiasts from Ghent organised their first show and the collective House Of Lux was born. Since then, they’ve been hosting their Queerly Beloved shows and throwing their FETCH parties, as well as performing at numerous other events. This time, they come to Antwerp to transform the historic Bar Rodin with a full show and proper after party. Expect stunning looks and energetic lip-sync performances in a queer safe space. Dressing up is encouraged!

15 February - 22.00
Bar Rodin, Antwerp