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Recent Finds by Louise Souvagie and Elise Dupré

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. Up next: arty face filters and a new modern art exhibition. Last month Instagram banned filters that make you look like you've had plastic surgery. Johanna Jaskowska tackles the same problem by changing its core: she creates face filters that question beauty standards. Get your suddenly exploding Instagram stories back in balance with clicks of the newest exhibition project of the Herbert Foundation.

Collected and written by Louise Souvagie and Elise Dupré

Johanna Jaskowska

Heavily highlighted, blushing in neon and glossy cheekbones: Instagram is redefining the meaning of masks with their face filter possibilities. Because of an experiment with a group of designers last year, there are now a bunch of face filters available that push the boundaries of beauty and augmented reality. Such as those of Johanna Jaskowska, better known as @johwska, who developed a series of extreme face filters which are both emotionally loaded, yet also have the futuristic cool of a RoboCop outfit. By following a creator of face filters, you can use their designs. So time to stop using the silly dog-ears and dive into the face filter database, or get creative and make your own.



Distance Extended / 1979 - 1997. Part I

October marks the opening of the long-awaited exhibition project at the Herbert Foundation. The Foundation, located in the centre of Ghent and somewhat uncharted territory for a broader audience, houses an impressive collection of modern art. Distance Extended / 1979 - 1997 will focus on the second, younger generation of artists in the Herbert’s collection. Expect to see work by Jan Vercruyssen, Thomas Schütte, Didier Vermeiren and many others. Part I presents a first set of documents and works, fuelled by the sociocultural and political shifts of their time. The first part of this exhibition series will run until June 2020, thankfully, as this is an exhibition you’ll want to visit over and over in order to get a grasp.

Distance Extended / 1979 - 1997. Part I
Until 7 June 2020 - Herbert Foundation, Ghent
Free entrance