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Recent Finds by Hannes Rooms

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. Hannes is taking you along for a brief introduction to two Hakuna Kulala labelmates to level up your dreary February days. Don those noise-cancelling headphones and let yourself be whisked away for a few moments.

Collected and written by Hannes Rooms
Lead photo by Sara Scanderebech

MC Yallah

Powerful and futuristic rapper MC Yallah moved from Kenya to Uganda where she was introduced to the people behind the renowned Nyege Nyege festival. Together with French producer Debmaster, she released a debut album Kibali on the brand-new label Hakuna Kulala, a sub-branch of Nyege Nyege Tapes. The record combines femcee Yallah’s intense delivery in Luganda and Swahili with Debmaster’s crackling and distorted production style to explosive effect. The two debuted their live show at Unsound last year becoming one of the sensations at the showcase festival. No excuse to miss out Yallah’s chemistry on stage as no less than three stops are scheduled during their European tour at Beursschouwburg (20 March), Vooruit (21 March) and OLT Rivierenhof (29 March). Without doubt MC Yallah looks set to follow other East African artists like Otim Alpha and Kampire onto the international stage. 

MC Yallah Soundcloud


Elvin Brandhi

Another signee of the Hakuna Kulala label is Welsh producer and sound artist Elvin Brandhi with a collaborative project called Villaelvin for which she teamed up with percussionist Omutaba, rappers Hakim and Swordman Kitala and producers Don Zilla and Oise. The Head Roof album was made back in April 2019, when Brandhi was staying at the Nyege Nyege villa in Kampala and features field recordings of Evangelist churches and the swamps surrounding the Boutiq Studios, improvised vocals and bass-heavy production. Furthermore, Brandhi is part of the SHAPE platform 2020 roster alongside household names like LYZZA and Stella OM Source, countrymen Ben Bertrand and Céline Guillain and Subba favourites Oli XL and Moesha 13. Catch Elvin Brandhi playing Sonic Acts Amsterdam on 21 February. 

Elvin Brandhi Soundcloud

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