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Recent Finds by Hannes Rooms

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. From an artist merging Middle Eastern percussion with LGBTQ club culture to a robotic rave track with a compelling message: our resident collector Hannes Rooms collected songs that challenge one-dimensional views. Whether it’s the Western European gaze or the fate of the music industry.

Collected and written by Hannes Rooms

Fatima Ferrari

Less than a year ago, Ramses3000 of Cairo Liberation Front introduced us to Afghanistan-born, Hague-based DJ Fatima Ferrari. A versatile artist questioning both the Western European- and the male gaze by spinning club and booty bounce music drenched with Middle Eastern sounds and queer culture: ‘I like to bring in Middle Eastern percussion works with the LGBTQ club culture. I like to show that it’s possible and complementary to the sound.’ Ever since, she’s played venues like De School and SEXYLAND, but also the heavily underestimated Atlas Electronic festival in Marrakech. Her first set in Belgium still needs to happen, but until then do yourself a favour and listen to one of her occasional Red Light Radio visits. 


BOOST001 - Tera Octe - Dusselcore

Tera Octe is the latest addition to the PRR! PRR! roster, which is still one one of the most exciting and enigmatic labels to be found in our capital and on the world wide web. A new Boosterpack series kicks off with an ominous belter of a track called ‘Deafcum’ by Tera Octe. It’s properly introduced by a robotic voice so familiar to the hardstyle scene, announcing DEFCON 1, before a slow perreo rhythm entirely made of rave sounds kicks in. As I have no more information on this track I’ll leave you with the rather intriguing press release: ‘From the core to the outer rim territories, new DJs bloom and spread their skills throughout known space. It is a dark time for Musiq Industry™ as CEOs engaged endless waves of clones and networks started to saturate. Be unique, be boosted, the fate of the Industry™ rests on you!’