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Recent Finds by Hannes Rooms

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. From a binarities-crushing queer collective to a label challenging the preconception that African music always sounds happy: our resident collector Hannes Rooms has dug up some artists to expand your playlists with. And who knows, they might even give you some reasons to take it to the streets.

Collected and written by Hannes Rooms

Wokoundou records 

Wokoundou is an electronic music label rooted in Afrofuturism and sci-fi, created by Wokoundou's guardian and protector Philou Louzolo from Rotterdam. The label will focus on traditional pan-African music within the realm of a more obscure, sci-fi and techno sound hereby debunking the preconception that African music always sounds tropical and happy. Louzolo warmly welcomes his audience to perceive all kinds of African music with a multiversal mind. The first release by Louzolo himself, called ‘Shinobi Of Wokounou’, represents Wokoundou's intergalactic, diverse sound of house, acid, dancehall and South-African music, influenced by Drexciya, Black Motion and The Matrix. Louzolo can be regularly found at big festivals like DGTL or Lowlands, but also in the more cosy settings of Red Light Radio or De School.


Los Ninos x mina collective

Infamous queer techno collective Mina are flying in from Lisbon to Brussels on 26 October for a Los Ninos party. By pushing sexual and gender liberation, the mina collective is known for vociferously fighting against the rapid gentrification of Lisbon by throwing disruptive raves with a high-energy soundtrack that veers from skull-crushing hardcore to peak-time techno. Get a glimpse inside the mina parties, which are charged by a wild, hedonistic energy by checking out their Hard Dance Lisbon Boiler Room sesh. Next to DJs ketia and marum, yours truly is particularly looking forward to the graveyard set of VIEGAS, who pays homage to late and early Nineties European rave tunes, mixing them with ghetto sounds and contemporary beats from the worldwide web generation. The club night at FFORMATT is promoted as ‘rimming & raving’, just so you know.

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