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Recent Finds by Elise Dupré

Things we want you to know about and people we want to give a little extra support. Collected and written by Elise Dupré, art discoveries to keep an eye on and ready to become some of your instant favourites!

Toerist Modernist

As digital newsletters seem to be on the rise, the sharply curated Toerist Modernist is a recent favourite. Launched by Ghent-based Gerlin Heestermans a couple of months ago, Toerist Modernist devotes itself to securing access to modernist buildings and organises tours for small groups. These buildings, architectural beacons built in the mid-20th century and remnants of a certain ingeniousness of their time, usually only open their doors on rare occasions. Recent tours included visits to House Jozef Schellekens (Turnhout) or Renaat Braem’s house (Deurne). Often welcomed by the owners of the houses themselves, these informal visits are pretty exclusive and are a great way of exploring the spaces, interiors, objects and artworks inside. The tours are usually in Dutch but hey, I’m sure your fellow attendees will be happy to translate.


Les Monseigneurs

With a strong graduation show at LUCA (Ghent), design studio Les Monseigneurs has set the bar for itself and is currently in the running for a BKRK award. Founders Victor and Thomas, a graphic designer and a textile designer schooled in Ghent, have educated themselves in the art of artisanal weaving and transform digitally edited imagery into impressive wall pieces. As ‘gardeners of a magical garden’, their tapestries feature type, fauna and flora in lavish sizes (they covered an entire room at their LUCA show). It feels royal, and smart. The multitude of pieces and processes reveal this is an ongoing project, one we’re more than happy to see unfold over time.