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Ready for a big bang?

November is a great month for stargazing: meteor showers, a lunar eclipse and an occupation of  Venus. But you don’t always have to sit in the cold to see shooting stars. From November 25 up until December 5, you can check out what artists have observed by looking at our big cosmos at The Dome in Leuven. KNAL! Planetarium Music Festival, an art and music festival coordinated by STUK and Gilles Helsen takes place in a cosmical dome with 360°projection and a surround sound system, ready for a big bang. Feed your fascination for outer space with a wide variety of performances, lectures, exhibitions and concerts. If all the world’s a stage, prepare yourself to think bigger: we selected four of our favourite performances, concerts and films that will launch you off to newer worlds.

Text by Maria Magdalena de Cort

5 December - 14:00, 15:30 and 17:00 

On the 5th of December, animation wizard Jaak de Digitale creates his own visual night sky in the dome, supported by three upcoming music artists each playing their own set. Leuven local Gone Icon takes off with post-club rhythms for all star-crossed lovers, followed by the explosive post-rock and eerie drones of Pothamus. Belgian-Japanese artist Aili closes off the afternoon with their playful disco tunes combined with extramundane synths by Transistorcake.  


4 December - 20:30 

Nkisi, the stage name of Melika Ngombe Kolongo, is a London-based Belgian DJ, producer and experimental composer with a fine feel for dark electronics and hardcore techno which she combines with Congolese rhythms. Pass through alternate universes with these trancey up-tempo beats by the co-founder of NON, an artist collective with Chino Amobi and Angel-Ho focusing on the decolonization of the dance floor. On December 4, Nkisi takes over with a new audiovisual work exploring sound, rhythm and their relation to transforming celestial bodies and the fluidity of time and place.


3 December, 20:30 & 22:00 

On December 3 you can enjoy a double-bill evening program. The first half is taken care of by composer and synthesizer musician Caterina Barbieri and artist Ruben Spini with a reboot of their Berliner Festspiele commission Aurora Wounds. The immersive 360° film takes us to the rural High North and makes us meet eye-to-eye with our catastrophes and our dying earth. Expect a violent swan song seeking radical commitment and start wondering again: where exactly is our placement in the cosmos? 

Tune in for the second half of the evening for an audiovisual experience with Bendik Giske’s saxophone, Florence To’s visuals and sound by Bridget Ferill. In an immersive trilogy with a live concert, they invite the audience to travel with them to and through imaginary spaces and admire the architecture of our minds.


De dag voor de dag zonder gisteren
26 & 30 November, 2 &4 December 
double-bill with Fatima Al Qadiri & Transforma

While at KNAL! festival, be sure to catch some of the daily film screenings in the dome before or after the acts. Dream off with a mesmerizing globe-trotting program of short 360° films, including a brand-new audiovisual creation by Het Depot artist-in-residence Victor de Roo. For De dag voor de dag zonder gisteren, he partnered with artist Lewi Moors to create their own science of time and place. An artist’s interpretation of what came before the big bang and an invitation to stay imaginative and a pleasure to the senses.

KNAL! 360° Videos
Leuven, The Dome (Het Depot + STUK)
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