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Rare Akuma

It’s cool to see artists like Rare Akuma embracing their success but also aiming for the stars. Living for the art while having a good time with his squad or with his fans. He rose to Soundcloud fame as a producer already five years ago before he started uploading his own ragecore raptracks and now delivered his latest EP titled It’ll be okey. His sound is as diverse as innovative but pointless to label as he’ll explain below.
Last week we slipped in some questions while Akuma was doing a little Q&A with his fans on his Instagram stories.

Written by Hannes Rooms. Questions by Akuma fans & Hannes Rooms
Photo shot by Lucas Heirbaut

Where did u get the name Akuma?

I’m just a rare demon.

What is your life like right now?

If i’m being truthful. Where I am right now is so fucking amazing. It’s like I’m doing something that nobody ever expected of me. It feels so pleasing. But I’m a perfectionist so I’m never 100% happy with all of my achievements. I can’t wait to make this money with my gang and finally move out and then GO EVEN HARDER WITH THE ARTS AND CRAFTS.

What you think about you being labelled punk hip hop?

To be honest I don’t know where the hip hop element in I’m totally over it even comes in, or where they saw it as necessary to add hip hop to it. Leave the labelling alone or to the artists themselves.

What’s your favourite song of It’ll be okey.?

This one!

More rock tracks coming?? :)) <33

Ofcourse 💋

Studio sesh or live gig?

You really can’t compare the two…?

What you think about Antwerp’s hip hop scene?

A whole lot of slept on potential. People seem scared to support the underdogs unless they see others doing it too.

How do you keep yourself busy on a regular day?

I’m either listening, reading, writing or creating.

When you make uh song how long it take you to come up with all the words and music?

It really depends. Always either just mumble shit into the mic and it turns out fire and if not I write. The timing doesn’t matter, could go from 30 minutes to an hour to a month to finish a single track.

Do people in other countries know your music?

Yup, got fans all over the world in small portions but it’s growing.

When fan meetup?

Literally every show I do

Not a question but I love your song

I love my song too!!!

Rare Akuma approved the publication of this interview.

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