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PILAR ASAP - The Fluent Identity Edition

PILAR ASAP is a multidisciplinary arts festival in Brussels, located at the VUB. It’s an eclectic gathering that tries to make room for experiment and debate through a series of exhibitions, workshops and concerts. Each year they have a theme to tie these different events together in one narrative whole. The Fluid Identity Edition wants to break through current barriers and let us experience different points of view through science and art. We’ve already selected five acts that should not be missed during this unique event.

Text by Jef Lambrechts
Cover photo by Stef Van Looveren

EXPO: Stef Van Looveren - ‘These Selves’
15 Oct - 12 Nov

Among a wide array of very refreshing artists in the group exhibition ‘Theses Selves’, you can find the work of Stef Van Looveren, fitting the bill perfectly. They are multidisciplinary genderfluid artists from Antwerp who express themselves via a broad range of art forms like video installation, photography, sculpturing and performance. Not only will this exhibition be very thrilling, but it is also free of charge!



PERFORMANCE: Jan Martens (fABULEUS & GRIP) - ‘Passing the Bechdel Test’
22 Oct

According to choreographer Jan Martens, free speech is one of the few instruments left to liberate ourselves. In Passing the Bechdel Test, he tries to use language in a radical manner to achieve just that. Together with 13 young actors, Jan guides us through the matters of gender diversity and gender equality that we face in our world today. In the performance, they interpret the information provided by women authors and personalities from the past and present via fragments found in letters, diaries, lyrics and essays. This piece can be seen as a manifesto and vision for the future.



CONCERT: Cassecouilles
29 Oct

Cassecouilles is one of the only real punk bands left in Belgium today. Their performance is as radical as their music. The industrial vibe of the band in combination with the raw energy of frontman Ramon Mahieu makes their shows an unforgettable experience. They’re accompanied by Run Sofa and Peenoise, so make sure to strap on your boots! We promise you, you’re going to need them.




CONCERT: Susobrino
3 Nov

Belgian-Bolivian Susobrino is one of the more eclectic beatmakers Belgium has to offer. He has created something unique by mixing electronic music together with traditional South American percussion, acoustic music and field recordings. The 26-year-old producer has already released one EP, two albums and won the Champion Sound Beat Battle twice. If you’re up for some funky percussion and rhythm, this is the way to go!



CONCERT: Chibi Ichigo
4 Nov

Chibi Ichigo is the alter ego of the young Belgian-Russian rapper Sabina Nurijeva. She makes R&B/Hip Hop with Dutch, Russian and English lyrics and has one of the smoothest vocals in the game. Zwanger Guy is a big fan and so are we! Just lay back and let yourself be carried away.


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