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Painting is a hobby as well, a frustrating one sometimes

The June issue usually gives way to a new 20-something list, featuring models, musicians, actors, illustrators, fashion designers, photographers, artists, architects,... and so much more. The people who are a representation of young society in Belgium, a generation ready to rule our world. In 2020, hence the double number, we’re serving you, hungry hearts, 2 editions of our acclaimed list. That’s right, we’re doubling the amount of features, starting a bit earlier. Let us introduce you to the faces you didn't realise you wanted to meet!

Arthur Dufoor
Painter, Brussels

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What do we & our readers need to remember about you?

Let’s start with my paintings.


What is the (near) future bringing you?

The current situation makes it quite difficult to look into the near future.


What are you up to these days?

I am not going out much so painting is my main activity.


What artists are you listening to?

Mother Love Bone, Pink Floyd but with this weather The Beach Boys.

I've had some amazing painting sessions the last few weeks

Which records are you playing most right now?

Not That Kind by Anastacia :-).


What makes your heart go faster these days?

The act of painting is the first thing I can think of, I've had some amazing painting sessions the last few weeks.


What are you doing daily at 9pm/9am?

At 9pm I will be painting. And at 9am I will still be asleep.


How do you bring some routine into your days?

Because of the lockdown it goes automatically. I noticed that I am doing the same things at about the same time every day which is very unusual for me.

What does your face mask look like?

I’m waiting for one.


What’s your personal utopia?

Working and living in a huge studio and being able to live from my work.


What brings you satisfaction?

Putting the final touch on a painting (when it works).


What’s your favourite lockdown Instagram account?

@atelierstudiovisit, they are promoting contemporary artists through virtual studio visits.


What’s your favourite lockdown book?

Het boek van de schoonheid en de troost by Wim Kayzer.


What’s your favourite lockdown film?

The documentary Een Schilder is als Oedipus onderweg (A Painter as Oedipus on the road) about Philippe Vandenberg, I’ve been watching this almost every day.

I've been watching Een Schilder is als Oedipus onderweg almost every day

How do you keep healthy?

A painting session can often feel like jogging for an hour and it also brings me mental stability. 


What’s one of your sources of inspiration that may surprise people?

Despite my paintings being very expressive my main inspiration has always been the Late Renaissance, Mannerism. 


What would you like to be doing in 10 years time?

Doing what I love to do, nothing else.


How does the current crisis make you feel?

It’s never been as easy to ignore a crisis, just turn the TV off and stay home.


How important are fellow companions now? How do you reach out?

I try to keep in touch but it is difficult for me because I really don't like communicating with someone through a screen.

What is the latest/future project you are working on?

I don't really work with projects, I just paint every day and hope to be able to do it the next day.


Did you have an exhibition/concert/show on your agenda these days? Which one?

Yes, my Master Graduation Show.


What will the second part of 2020 bring you?

If the government allows it by then, I will participate in a small exhibition around July.


Who is the person that most influenced you throughout your development in life?

It's difficult to say one person but I would say my parents, Jacques Brel and Philippe Vandenberg.  


What is the most important thing you’ve learned lately?

I feel like I'm dealing with the paint in a different way, the paint seems to be living its own life maybe that's because we've been together inside all the time.

The paint seems to be living its own life maybe that's because we've been together inside all the time

Is there anyone in your scene who needs more attention? 

The whole scene. But if I had to say one person it would be Gaspar De Geyndt.


Comfort food/specialty dish now?

I don't really get comfort or satisfaction out of food but I can enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass.


Lockdown hobby?

I guess painting is a hobby as well, a frustrating one sometimes.