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A short but important update on the COVID-19 situation, our program and the community.

We’ll need to take a few steps back, regroup and take some time to think, so we can launch a new and greater program for you in the next couple of weeks. 

Read our personal letter below.

Lockdown pt. II

Like many of you, we’re facing hard times with this new lockdown. After a difficult Spring and Summer during which we launched The Art Series, we’ve been slowly rebuilding our normal Subbacultcha activities over the past couple of weeks. We organized an intimate edition of our Different Class festival, offered you access to a selection of corona- proof events and gave you the possibility to publish your creative work in our printed magazine.
Today we feel like we’re going back to square one. We now want to take the time to adjust to this ever-lasting new situation and come up with a strong plan for the future. But for that, we’ll need some time, dear members.


Interesting content in both good and bad times

As a non-profit, without structural funding, we’re one hundred percent reliable on you and our cultural partners. Nonetheless, we’re constantly trying to dig out and offer you interesting content and introduce you to the best upcoming artists, in both good and bad times. Sometimes we even make mistakes. Last week, we announced a partnership with Endel, an app with personalized sound environments to help you focus, relax, and sleep. We arranged a deal with them so you could use the app for free for 1 year. It sounded helpful in these bizarre times, but then we found out that Amazon is one of their main investors. This was a dealbreaker. As we don't share the same values as Amazon it felt unethical to promote this corporation. We thus see no other option than ending the partnership with Endel.


A strong plan for the future

The future will be a new step for us, a step into the unknown. But what is certain is that we’ll offer you something new and greater in the next couple of weeks. One thing will stay the same, regardless of the circumstances: Subbacultcha will stay a community-driven platform where emerging artists and true fans connect. Although we can’t go to events for the time being we’ll find a way to inspire you with fresh content and new talent. You are important to us and your input will be important for the future of Subbacultcha.

But for now, we’ll need to take a few steps back, regroup and take some time to think. In the meantime enjoy our new November magazine and our Mubi offer. We'll get back to you soon.

Stay well, stay positive. We’ll keep in touch!
Herlinde, Kasper-Jan, Mats, Laura, Julien, Milena, Gabriela, Chloé