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I spend time thinking about my health constantly

The June issue usually gives way to a new 20-something list, featuring models, musicians, actors, illustrators, fashion designers, photographers, artists, architects,... and so much more. The people who are a representation of young society in Belgium, a generation ready to rule our world. In 2020, hence the double number, we’re serving you, hungry hearts, 2 editions of our acclaimed list. That’s right, we’re doubling the amount of features, starting a bit earlier. Let us introduce you to the faces you didn't realise you wanted to meet!

Arne Huysmans
Founder and artistic director VOLTA, Brussels

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What do we & our readers need to remember about you? 
I was born in Brazil and raised in a family of 11 children, moved to Belgium at a young age where I started studying drums. Growing up with Brazilian music from Airto Moreira to Caetano Veloso, has made rhythm and music a key element of my life. During my studies at the conservatory of Brussels the idea of VOLTA was born. A workspace and venue for music. Since then, I live every day with the same passion to create, step by step, a fully fledged place for the Brussels music scene where offering support and creating a richer and more supported scene is our core value.

What is the (near) future bringing you?

Together with my very motivated team we try to work towards a sustainable future and roll out some additional programs to our organization.

What are you up to these days?

Writing and informing myself a lot.

What artists are you listening to?

Numerous. But to name a few : Ornette Coleman, schntzl, a z e r t y klavierwerke, Dean Blunt, Mount Kimbie, Wilco, Oneohtrix Point Never, Arthur Russell, Grouper,… 


Which records are you playing most right now?

World of Echo by Arthur Russell

I’m the worst in routine. Never had it. I live in organized chaos!

What makes your heart go faster these days? 



What are you doing daily at 9pm/9am? 

At 9am mostly enjoying coffee, at 9pm I’m often in a good workflow for new ideas and prospection.


How do you bring some routine into your days? 

I’m the worst in routine. Never had it. I live in organized chaos!

What’s your personal utopia? 

A house by a lake.


What brings you satisfaction? 

Physical work. Building.


What’s your favourite lockdown Instagram account?

What’s your favourite lockdown book?

What I’m reading is business related books on management and finance.


What’s your favourite lockdown film?

‘Portrait de la jeune fille en feu’

Skateboarding. The whole skate scene is such an inspiration to me. 

How do you keep healthy?
I spend time thinking about my health constantly. Stay active and do daily workouts and transport myself by bike.


What’s one of your sources of inspiration that may surprise people? 

Skateboarding. The whole skate scene is such an inspiration to me. 


What would you like to be doing in 10 years time? 

I try to think of something other than VOLTA, but unfortunately I think I'm just so passionate about this that I can call it my lifelong-project :)


How does the current crisis make you feel?

Sometimes restless but most of all closer to myself than ever before. 

How important are fellow companions now? How do you reach out?

We're looking for the best possible way to show solidarity with each other. We follow the needs closely and try to offer support where possible.


What is the latest/future project you are working on?

We are working on the VOLTA Transmission. A VOLTA media platform where we roll out programs such as live sessions, podcasts, streams, interviews, … with musicians.


What will the second part of 2020 bring you?

Hopefully lots of music!

I've learned to take care of my mental and physical being. It's so important and we tend to forget it when we live in a rush

Who is the person that most influenced you throughout your development in life?

Anouk Friedli. Incredibly smart and talented writer but also my biggest support in life.


What is the most important thing you’ve learned lately?

To take care of my mental and physical being. It's so important and we tend to forget it when we live in a rush.


Is there anyone in your scene who needs more attention? 

Definitely. a z e r t y Klavierwerke is one of a kind. An incredibly talented Brussel based musician who always knows to surprise me. His musical vocabulary is impressive. His personality, open mind and view on music is an inspiration to me. He’s no purist and so curious on all levels of music. That’s what makes him one of a kind.


Comfort food/specialty dish now? 

Hmmmm… Lasagna I guess.


Lockdown hobby? 

Chess and biking!


Photos VOLTA by Julie Van Kerckhoven