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I have trouble imagining the future, I don’t really know where I’m going but I’m going there purposefully

The May/June issue gives way to a new 20-something list, featuring visual artists, photographers, art collectives, dancers, musicians and much more. Twenty people who are a representation of young society in Belgium, a generation ready to rule our world. Let us introduce you to the faces you didn’t realise you wanted to meet!

Victoria Jadot
cineast, activist and artist, Brussels, 23

How would you describe what you do?

Young cineast, activist and collagist.


What are you currently busy with?

Finding ways to not respect the lockdown without paying too many fees.

Anything planned for the future?

I have trouble imagining the future, I don’t really know where I’m going but I’m going there purposefully. 


Nickname(s) people have given you?

Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, because when I was eight I had big ears.


Latest déjà vu?

I weirdly have the impression sometimes that I am in a loop of infinite lockdown, but it’s just a déjà vu.

Any new habits?

Taking trains to random destinations.


What’s your daily routine like?

Waking up; resisting falling asleep again; fall asleep again; wake up 30 minutes later; pee; put music on; dance and stretch; cup of coffee; write down dreams of the night and fears for the days; put some random clothes… (fast because I’m late )... text that I am late; tell myself I have to wake up earlier the next day. 

Weirdest dream you’ve had?

Having sex with my dad.


What artists are you listening to?

These wonderful new artists: Margaux Kintsungi, Le Bail, Plus petit que trois, Bilou, Baka G, Élodie Gervaise. 


Favourite memory?

Last nightclub party before lockdown. When I feel a bit stressed sometimes I imagine myself dancing in the middle of the crowd and I feel better.

What advice would you give your younger/older self?

To my younger self: stop praying to have big breasts. It’s not going to happen.

To my older self: don’t regret the tattoos you got when you were 20. 


Favourite emoji?



Cutest desire you have?

Becoming a fairy.


Love of your life?

My two little sisters.

Biggest personal change since last year?

I’m really close to being able to pee while standing.


How did last year change your perspective?

It taught me not to resist the things I can’t control.


Are you a nostalgic person?  

I have no regret for the past but I enjoy being a bit melancholic sometimes because I think it helps with creativity.